New York City Feelings

I would give the greatest sunset in the world for one sight of New York's skyline

Lately I've taken to running pics of old New York. Call me nostalgic, or bitter, or just sad. When I I moved to NYC in 1987 from Charlotte, NC it was a dream come true: danger, art, cinema, music (I came to play music). And amazingly, the city didn't change...until post 9-11. Before the big drop, in the 80s, Times Square was dangerous, neon abounded, subway cars were covered in graffiti, transvestite hookers roamd west side highway. The grit I longed for in the New York of film and fiction was alive and well. The City is clean now, too clean. Here's an old shot of Washington Square Park by Robert Otter. The park has just reopened to crowds enjoying its "newness." I like it too, but it's far too sterile. Robert Otter's son sells photos like this one in the park, providing a window into a seemingly forgotten world. Dream on.


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