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Jul 24, 2009

"The Ladies' Mile"

Bicycle Rack by David Byrne

This is one of the nine bicycle racks installed in different parts of New York City by the Department of Transportation, in partnership with the PaceWildenstein gallery. Designed by the musican and biking enthusiast, DAVID BYRNE, this red functional sculpture is located on the west side of Fifth Avenue, north of 57th Street (in front of Bergdorf Goodman). The giant red high heel sculpture named "The Ladies' Mile" and the other 8 racks are temporary art installations intended to promote bicycling in the city.

“It was important to me that these new racks be the same thickness and material as the existing racks—to help identify them as practical bike racks and not just modern art,” Mr. Byrne said. “The locations about as perfect as one could imagine — Wall Street for the dollar sign and Bergdorf’s for the giant high heel!”

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