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Is this burger worth traveling for?

The last time I made the trek to Brooklyn solely to try a new burger, I have to say I was a bit disappointed. It was for the DuMont burger that I had heard so much about (recently made list of America’s top-rated burgers by Epicurious and was the top-rated 2008 burger by Zagat). My medium-rare burger came out more like medium to medium-well and the next one (I’m not at all afraid to politely send a burger back, especially when I travel specifically for it) while a perfectly prepared medium-rare, was just not quite as flavorful as I was hoping it to be — though the homemade pickles are delicious. Don’t get me wrong, it’s by no means a bad burger, and in fact it’s rather large and juicy and would be in my top 75 percentile, but just not an NYC Top 10′er for me. I happened to notice Fort Greene’s 67 Burger on Grub Street’s recent comprehensive and saliva-inducing photo slideshow of New York’s 82 Most Notable Burgers. Since the list is in alphabetical order, 67 Burger was lucky enough to show at #2 of 82. This just came through the reader submission wire: “I recently went to 67 Burger in Ft Greene, Brooklyn. It is seriously the most amazing burger I have ever had. The fries are awesome and even the salads are great!!” Can anyone out there validate this bold assertion so I know whether a trip out to Fort Greene is worth my while?

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