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I would give the greatest sunset in the world for one sight of New York's skyline

[Photos by Will Femia.]

Given all the delays and drama regarding the construction of Brooklyn Bridge Park, maybe it's appropriate that opening day for the first section of the park is so damp and dreary. But the mood is not! Arriving a little bit later to the party than expected is Pier 1, a 9.5-acre chunk of the planned 85-acre park running up the Kings County coast south of the Brooklyn Bridge that includes fields of green, waterfront promenades, a playground and the very cool "Granite Prospect" stairway to nowhere that will soon become one big pileup of lovey-dovey couples queuing up to take wedding photos. Be patient, Bridezillas, and watch your step! Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Paterson and a host of local luminaries cut the ribbon this morning. Pier 6 is up next, but this is Pier 1's day, gloomy as it may be. Have a look!

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