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I would give the greatest sunset in the world for one sight of New York's skyline

There're four Apple Stores in Manhattan. Most of them are known by whole world, like Apple Store Fifth Ave, but all of them are great buildings, and a must see if you meet NYC for your very first time. Here is a list of that four apple stores, locations, and most significative images. There's a map at the end of the post.
Hay cuatro Apple Stores en Manhattan, la mayoría de ellas son conocidas por todo el mundo. Como ejemplo tenemos la Apple Store de la 5th Avenida. Lo que no todo el mundo sabe es que todas son edificios singulares, y desde aquí recomendamos a todos los visitantes a la ciudad, que si tienen tiempo, las visiten. Hay un mapa con las localizaciones al final del post.

Apple Store Fifth Avenue - Midtown
Location | 767 5th Avenue

Apple Store 5th Ave

Apple Store SoHo - Station A
Location | 103 Prince St

Apple Store SoHo

Apple Store Chelsea
Location | 401 West 14th Street

Apple Store West 14th St

Apple Store Upper West Side

Location | 1981 Broadway Avenue

Apple Store Upper West Side

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