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Grimaldi's Pizza

After getting behind on rent and city taxes, Grimaldi's faces eviction, The Wall Street Journal reports. The landlord for the venerable Brooklyn pizzeria claims she's owed over $44,000 in back rent, while Grimaldi's owner Frank Ciolli says he's paid her on time, "for the most part." Even if eviction proceedings were to swing in favor of the restaurant, Ciolli has lost the rights to renew his lease, which terminates next fall — so it's a sure thing that the restaurant will leave its storied address under the Brooklyn Bridge. If you want a slice in the original location, better get in line now.

Grimaldi’s Says It’s Not Going Anywhere

Despite facing eviction proceedings brought forward by his fed-up landlord, Grimaldi's owner Frank Ciolli tells the Post he's staying put, and he's got the money to pay his $44,000 in back rent. "I'm sure Marty Markowitz and Mayor Bloomberg would be upset," he said about the restaurant's alleged closing. "We bring a lot of tourists to Brooklyn." Ciolli is also said to owe the city nearly $12,250 in back taxes.

[UPDATED August, 14]
A judge has ordered Grimaldi's landlord to accept late rent payments and refused to enforce an eviction notice. Waxman had refused to accept Ciolli's late rent payments, but today Judge Robin Shears ordered Waxman to accept over $60,000. But while Grimaldi's is safe for now, Waxman says he and his mother will not renew Ciolli's lease when it expires in November 2011.

"We’re staying in Brooklyn. Let’s go have some pizza", declared owner Frank Ciolli.

Grimaldi's Manhattan


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