New York City Feelings

I would give the greatest sunset in the world for one sight of New York's skyline

New York City Taxi

[EN] Every visitor in the City must noticed real newyorkers have a special accent when their talking. Years of immigrants melding their respective languages into one in a jungle of words, New York talk needs a bit of explanation.

[ES] Cualquier visitante de Nueva York habrá notado el especial acento de los neoyorkinos. Años de fusión de inmigrantes hablando con su propio acento ha creado una jungla de palabras, el habla de Nueva York necesita una pequeña explicación.

tip | Make sure your O's sound like AW's and your R's at the end of a word are left off. For example: Do ya want a cup a cawfee afta dinna?

tip | Make sure you put tons of emphasys on the vowels
Caffee: Cawfee
Chocolate: chawcolate
water: wooder
Mother: Mudda

Ga’ Head (Go Ahead): A phrase of encouragement.

Get the Fuck Outta Hea (Get the Fuck out of Here):
sounds confrontational but its a term of disbelief more than anything.

How YOU Doin? (how are you doing?):
with emphasis on the YOU.

Fuggetaboutit (Forget about it):
Don’t worry about it, it’s all good.

Boss :
People that either don’t know or forgot your name will call you "boss" instead.

EYYYY (Hey):
Used to up the level of any conversation.

Mudder (mother):
"F*ck your mudder".

The City: used when referring to New York City.
Bridge and Tunnel: used when referring to those that live in the suburbs, mostly Jersey or Long Island.
Pie: entire pizza (not a slice).

Stand on line: to stand in a line.

Lox and a Schmear: a bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese.


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