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I would give the greatest sunset in the world for one sight of New York's skyline

Now that New York City have emerged from the season’s first blizzard of 2016. The great dig out is underway, in what is NYC’s 2nd biggest snowstorm since 1869. Central Park total snow accumulation at the end of the winter storm was 26.8 inches

Enough of all those facts. Here is what you came for. Our Top 5 New York City Feelings video picks for Jonas Blizzard 2016.

Jonas Blizzard 2016 - New York City

NYC DRONE VIDEO of Jonas Blizzard 2016 4K 
by Magid Metwarry

GOTHAM RUN | Storm Jonas in NYC

Jonas New York City Blizzard 2016
by Frank Villegas

NYC Snowstorm 2016
by Blaze Nowara


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